2-5 October 2018
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Prof. Lars Österlund





















Prof. Lars Österlund
Uppsala University, Div. Solid State Physics, Dept. Engineering Sciences

Novel multi-functional self-cleaning, air cleaning and thermochromic films for the built environment

Lars Österlund is Professor in solid state physics with specialization in environmental science and technology at Uppsala University. He is board member of the Uppsala Center for Photon Sciences, and is vice-chairman of the International Science Program. He is the co-founder of the Swedish Society of Vibrational Spectroscopy and was its president from 2010-2017. He is currently also CEO of a spin-off company developing micro-structured diamond waveguides.

Prof. Österlund has a PhD from 1997 from Chalmers, were his thesis work involved fundamental surface science studies of photo-induced surface reactions on single crystal surfaces employing a broad range of surface spectroscopic methods and reaction kinetic modelling. His postdoc research involved fundamental studies of surface reactions on single crystal surfaces employing scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), Monte-Carlo simulations of surface kinetics, and development of a high-pressure STM with atom-resolved imaging capabilities up to 1 bar and atomistic proof that was used to bridge the so called pressure gap in catalysis. A general theme of his current research is development of catalytic materials, including solar light responsive materials, such as photocatalytic materials, self-cleaning surface coatings, solid state gas-sensors and smart windows and façades within the general theme of technologies for improved indoor climate. His group studies fundamental and applied aspects of surface reactions on solid surfaces and photo-induced reactions on semiconducting materials with applications in indoor air cleaning, self-cleaning, and water cleaning. Recent internationally recognized results from his research include the invention of a simple method to modify acid-base properties of oxide surfaces based on photo-fixation of electrophilic or nucleophilic molecules from gas-phase (Handelsbanken Innovation Prize 2009; subject of commercialization), which also has been extended to a new low-temperature photocatalyst with superior sustained activity. His group has recently developed a new photocatalytic multilayer material for sustained indoor air-cleaning films for smart windows that allows for one-pass cleaning of VOC up to low ppm levels. Other recent activities include developed a new PVD methodology to prepare (001) facet-controlled anatase TiO2 nanoparticle films for photocatalysis applications; discovery of a general structure-reactivity relationship of photocatalytic anatase and rutile titania nanoparticles (patented); development of colloidal lithography for fabrication of ordered nano-patterned multi-layered photonic bandgap materials for photocatalysis applications, invention of microfabricated diamond IR waveguide methods for biomolecular imaging and integration with affinity layer technology (patented); and development of Raman imaging methods in nanomedical applications. Prof. Österlund has published 226 scientific publications including 6 invited book chapters, and he holds 6 international patents.


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