Functional Materials and NanoTechnologies - FM&NT-2018

from Tuesday, 2 October 2018 (00:00) to Friday, 5 October 2018 (18:45)
Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel (Beta Hall)

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2 Oct 2018
3 Oct 2018
4 Oct 2018
5 Oct 2018
Organizing (until 08:50) ()
Organizing (until 09:00) (Beta Hall)
Organizing (until 09:20) (Beta Hall)
09:00 Welcome speech by Chairman of the Conference, Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia - Andris Sternberg   (Beta Hall)
09:05 Welcome speech by Deputy State Secretary and Director of the Higher Education, Science and Innovation Department at Ministry of Education and Science, Latvia - Dmitrijs Stepanovs   (Beta Hall)
09:10 Welcome speech by Vice Rector – University of Latvia, Latvia - Valdis Segliņš   (Beta Hall)
09:13 Welcome speech by Professor – Institute of Physics, University of Tartu, Estonia - Marco Kirm   (Beta Hall)
09:16 Welcome speech by Professor – Faculty of Physics, Vilnius University, Lithuania - Jūras Banys   (Beta Hall)
Plenary Session (until 11:00) (Beta Hall)
09:20 ESS and its contributions to future functional materials and nanotechnology - Andreas Schreyer   (Beta Hall)
10:10 Material science and nanostructures produced with GeV heavy ions - Christina Trautmann (GSI Helmholtzzentrum and Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)   (Beta Hall)
11:00 --- Coffee ---
Radiation effects & Scintillators (until 13:00) (Beta Hall 2)
11:30 Theoretical modeling of point defects in crystals - Robert A. Evarestov   (Beta Hall 2)
12:00 Photoluminescence quantum yield as a test of quantum cutting processes in down-converting phosphors - Yaroslav Zhydachevskyy   (Beta Hall 2)
12:30 New features of hot intraband luminescence - Vitali Nagirnyi (Institute of Physics, University of Tartu)   (Beta Hall 2)
Synchrotron and Neutron Facilities (until 13:00) (Beta Hall 1)
11:30 MAX IV laboratory in Lund, Sweden: research portfolio, present status and expected performance - Konstantin Klementiev (MAX IV Laboratory)   (Beta Hall 1)
12:00 A Role of Large Scale Facilities in the Development of Novel Functional Materials - Marco Kirm (Institute of Physics, University of Tartu)   (Beta Hall 1)
12:30 A Neural Network Approach for Structural Characterization of Metal Nanoparticles and Clusters - Anatoly Frenkel   (Beta Hall 1)
Organizing (until 09:00) ()
Organizing (until 09:10) ()
Plenary Session (until 10:50) (Beta Hall)
09:10 Nanoscale Piezoelectric Materials: Structure, Properties, Applications - Andrei Kholkin   (Beta Hall)
10:00 Making the Hospital a Safer Place by the Sonochemical coating of all its Textiles and Medical Devices with Antibacterial Nanoparticles - Aharon Gedanken   (Beta Hall)
10:50 --- Coffee ---
Ferroelectrics (until 12:20) (Beta Hall 1)
11:20 Shapes of isolated domains in uniaxial ferroelectrics. - Vladimir Shur (Ural Federal University)   (Beta Hall 1)
11:50 Electrocaloric effect in barium titanate based ceramics and single crystals - Vladimir Shvartsman (University of Duisburg-Essen)   (Beta Hall 1)
Nanocomposites and ceramics (until 11:50) (Beta Hall 2)
11:20 Multicomponent Metal Oxide Systems for Optical and Magnetic Applications - Aivaras Kareiva (Vilnius University)   (Beta Hall 2)
Nanocomposites and ceramics (until 13:50) (Beta Hall 2)
11:50 Oxygen diffusion in Ti-Al alloys - Svetlana Kulkova (Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences)   (Beta Hall 2)
12:10 Electron paramagnetic resonance in glass ceramics - Andris Antuzevics (Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia)   (Beta Hall 2)
12:30 Effect of grain size on microstructure, transformation behavior and functional properties of Ti-Ni shape memory alloy - Elena Ryklina (National University of Science and Technology “MISIS”, Moscow Russia)   (Beta Hall 2)
12:50 Features of nanostructure and functional properties formation in Ti-Ni SMA by ECAP method under quasi-continuous mode - Irina Khmelevskaya (National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Russia)   (Beta Hall 2)
13:10 Nematic mesomorphous systems based on dispersions of carbon nanotubes and mineral particles - Bogdan Kodatski (Institute of Chemistry, St.Petersburg State University,The Faculty of Physics, St.Petersburg, Russia) Anastasia Venediktova (Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI", St.Petersburg, Russia)   (Beta Hall 2)
13:30 Influences of sputtering process factors on wear resistance of TiN coated on a machine component - Charnnarong Saikaew (Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen 40002 Thailand)   (Beta Hall 2)
09:00 --- Coffee ---
Organizing (until 09:30) (Beta Hall)
Energy (until 10:30) (Beta Hall 1)
09:30 Low-Dimensional Organic Conductors for Thermoelectric Applications - Jens Pflaum   (Beta Hall 1)
10:00 Functional materials for the CO2–based electrosynthesis of ethylene oxide - Luciana Vieira   (Beta Hall 1)
Nanomaterials (until 10:30) (Beta Hall 2)
09:30 Plasmonic nanoislands on glass: formation and properties - Andrey Lipovskii (St. Petersburg Academic University)   (Beta Hall 2)
10:00 Preparation and characterization of heteroepitaxial Cu2O thin film and devices on metallic substrates - Mitch Chou   (Beta Hall 2)
Energy (until 12:10) (Beta Hall 1)
10:30 Impedance spectroscopy of water splitting reactions on nanostructured metal-based catalysts - Gunnar A Niklasson (Uppsala University)   (Beta Hall 1)
10:50 First Principles Calculations of Perovskite Solid Solutions for Fuel Cells - Eugene Kotomin (ISSP UL, Max Planck Institute Stuttgart)   (Beta Hall 1)
11:10 LaNiO3-based oxygen electrodes for solid oxide electrolysis cells - Aleksey Yaremchenko (CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials, University of Aveiro)   (Beta Hall 1)
11:30 First principles evaluation of photocatalytic suitability of 2H structured and [0001] oriented graphene-like WS2 nanosheets and nanotubes - Yuri Zhukovskii   (Beta Hall 1)
11:50 Hydrogen production by Water- hydrolysis using Graphene Powder Coated with Magnesium - Ruben Bartali (Fondazione Bruno Kessler-FMPS)   (Beta Hall 1)
Nanomaterials (until 12:10) (Beta Hall 2)
10:30 Relaxation Pathways in Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes - Leonas Valkunas (Department of Theoretical Physics, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania)   (Beta Hall 2)
10:50 New three-body force-field for calculation of the thermodynamic properties of MoS2 nanolayers and nanotubes - Andrei Bandura (St. Petersburg State University)   (Beta Hall 2)
11:10 Studies of magnetotransport and Josephson supercurrent in topological insulator nanoribbons - Gunta Kunakova (Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Gothenburg, Sweden; University of Latvia, Institute of Chemical Physics, Riga, Latvia)   (Beta Hall 2)
11:30 Functional and structural properties of copper molybdate - Inga Jonane   (Beta Hall 2)
11:50 Carbon nanotubes vs graphene nanoplatelets for 3D‑printable composites - Gleb Gorokhov (Research Institute for Nuclear Problems, BSU)   (Beta Hall 2)
Organizing (until 17:00) ()
Organizing (until 18:30) ()
Radiation effects & Scintillators (until 13:40) (Beta Hall 2)
13:20 Understanding of the kinetics of defect annealing in heavily irradiated binary and complex oxides – disordering effects - Vladimir Kuzovkov (Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia)   (Beta Hall 2)
Synchrotron and Neutron Facilities (until 13:40) (Beta Hall 1)
13:00 Temperature dependent local atomic structure studies of bulk and nanocrystalline CuO using X-ray absorption spectroscopy - Andris Anspoks (Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia)   (Beta Hall 1)
13:20 Studies of non-crystalline metal-organic ligand complexes using methodology based on XAFS - Marcin Klepka (Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland )   (Beta Hall 1)
13:40 --- Lunch ---
Optical materials (until 15:40) (Beta Hall 1)
14:40 Theoretical modelling in nanophotonics - Alexander Bagaturyants   (Beta Hall 1)
15:10 Crystals for Optical Quantum Memory - Marina Popova   (Beta Hall 1)
Thin films (until 15:40) (Beta Hall 2)
14:40 Application of X-ray microscopy in materials science and nanotechnology - Ehrenfried Zschech   (Beta Hall 2)
15:10 Novel multi-functional self-cleaning, air cleaning and thermochromic films for the built environmen - Lars Österlund (Uppsala University)   (Beta Hall 2)
Optical materials (until 16:40) (Beta Hall 1)
15:40 Luminescence in synthetic hackmanites - Isabella Norrbo (University of Turku)   (Beta Hall 1)
16:00 280 nm emission band in LiGaO2 - Laima Trinkler (Institute of Solid State Physics)   (Beta Hall 1)
16:20 Human skin as an optical material - Janis Spigulis   (Beta Hall 1)
Thin films (until 16:40) (Beta Hall 2)
15:40 TiO2 thin films as efficient photocatalytic material for air purification - Ilona Oja Acik (Laboratory of Thin Film Chemical Technologies, Department of Materials and Environmental Technology, Tallinn University of Technology)   (Beta Hall 2)
16:00 The Properties of Atomic Layer Deposited Zirconium and Cobalt Oxide Nanolaminates - Helina Seemen (Institute of Physics)   (Beta Hall 2)
16:20 Thin Film Deposition by Magnetron Sputtering at Cryogenic Substrate Temperatures - Martins Zubkins (Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia)   (Beta Hall 2)
Posters (until 19:00) (Beta Hall)
Ferroelectrics (until 13:50) (Beta Hall 1)
12:20 Lead-free Ceramics on the Base of Sodium-Bismuth Titanate and Sodium-Potassium Niobate - Ekaterina Politova (Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry)   (Beta Hall 1)
12:40 Influence of powder milling time on the microstructure of the lead-free K0.5Bi0.5TiO3 ceramics - Piotr Czaja (Pedagogical University of Cracow)   (Beta Hall 1)
13:00 Carrier recombination and diffusion in MAPbI3 and MAPbBr3 perovskite crystals in wide excitation range - Patrik Ščajev (Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnology, Vilnius University)   (Beta Hall 1)
13:20 Ab initio Calculations of ABO3 Perovskite (001), (011) and (111) Surfaces, Interfaces and Defects Therein - Roberts Eglitis (1Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia)   (Beta Hall 1)
13:50 --- Lunch ---
Electronic and photonic devicesElectronic, photonic and magnetic materials and devices (until 15:50) (Beta Hall 1)
14:50 Dielectric Response of the Methylammonium Lead Halide Solar Cell Absorbers - Juras Banys (Vilnius university)   (Beta Hall 1)
15:20 Tuneable Magnetic Co(II)-Containing Layered Double Hydroxides - Andrei Salak   (Beta hall 1)
International cooperation projects (until 16:30) (Beta Hall 2)
14:50 Camart²- Regional development opportunity - Andris Šternbergs   (Beta Hall 2)
15:10 Solar energy with new generation power electronics solutions - Toomas Plank (Institute of Physics, University of Tartu)   (Beta Hall 2)
15:30 Baltic TRAM – a Network of Industrial Research Centers Providing Analytical Services for Business Innovation in the Baltic Sea Region - Vambola Kisand (University of Tartu)   (Beta Hall 2)
15:50 Advanced Materials and Technologies in Fusion Research: An Overview and Some Recent Results from Latvian EUROfusion Laboratory - Anatoli Popov   (Beta Hall 2)
Electronic and photonic devicesElectronic, photonic and magnetic materials and devices (until 16:30) (Beta Hall 1)
15:50 Determination of the electron effective mass for n-type germanium by the low-frequency impedance dispersion - Olga Malyshkina (Tver State University)   (Beta Hall 1)
16:10 Ceria-based electro-chemo-mechanical actuator with Ti/Ce1-xGdxO2-x/2 composite contacts - Evgeniy Makagon (Weizmann Institute of Science)   (Beta Hall 1)
16:40 --- Excursion & Banquetat the Riga Motor Museum ---
12:10 --- Lunch ---
Plenary Session (until 14:40) (Beta Hall)
13:00 Understanding Chemical Reactions Triggered by Defects on Energetic Materials and Interfaces. Insight from Quantum Chemistry - Maija Kuklja   (Beta Hall)
13:50 Advancing the art of femtosecond laser writing - Peter Kazansky   (Beta Hall)
Organizing (until 15:00) (Beta Hall)
14:40 Closing remarks by Rector of the University of Latvia - Indrikis Muiznieks   (Beta Hall)
14:50 Closing remarks by Chairman of the Conference, Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia - Andris Sternberg   (Beta Hall)
15:00 --- Goodbye refreshments ---